20170629_105939.jpgTime to wash those friends that took all the tears away.

I mix them in with my towels.




Home sweet home,DIY improvements and passing that onto our kids.

Learning from my parents who were struggling growing up with what little they had early in their careers, I picked up a thing or two.

I would not be here if it weren’t for their crafty and amateur construction ideas. From sewing our clothes to building home renovations themselves down to the studs of a patio to a failed couch, lol. 

My parents came up with some pretty imaginative ideas. 

I loved watching #MarthaStewart on TV because it reminded me of my parents. 

Why hire a handyman when you can do it yourself?

My husband and I are pretty handy when it comes to saving money. 

He can do some electrical, while I am pretty brave with a saw. 

So this summer we planned on saving alot of money doing home improvements, rather then a costly summer vacation, maybe a winter vacation after this! Whew!

We had so many things to do and kept them on the side waiting for the right time to hire a handyman. 

Well I was tired of waiting because both of us were too busy in the Fall-Spring to do them!

We decided to master plan and try to do them ourselves. From light switches to building storage units to improvements on aesthetic look and finally repainting the walls. 

What a difference paint makes!

We both bought our home at age 25 1/2. 

At first we wanted to rent and that went out the door when we came across our east Chula Vista home. 

Our first offer was accepted and next thing we knew we were home owners 20 years ago. 

This destiny was full of ideas of making this home a forever home. 

Going through alot of repairs and improvements, our home was made over several times. New coat of exterior paint made a huge difference after the Cedar fires. 

A couple of appliance malfunctions and mother nature events led to flooding and forced renovations, thank goodness for insurance. 

We managed to learn through mistakes and improvements came at a huge difference from our humble beginnings. 

One thing is certain, our home ownership strengthened our family.

Home is where the heart is. 

I am blessed to have a home that I can improve over and over again. 

And a home I can give to my kids and their generations. 

The idea is to benefit their future. 

Our parent’s sacrifices and ours will finally allow our children and their generation to benefit. Hopefully they can vacation more with their family, because they won’t have a mortgage. That’s my idea for them and everlasting love when it comes to home ownership. 

I wish I had tons of real estate but that would mean tons of repairs lol.

One home is good enough for us. 

Home sweet home.


Officially Slept in today!

No MomUber to school, no work. The perks of working with a school district. 

This week is all home improvements week. Cramming in as much as I can to Spring Clean!

So far I painted and refreshed the dining and Kitchen area. 

Which is basically my work station for projects and cooking. 

I painted the walls a beautiful tiffany blue color. I was inspired by Tiffany & Co. When I used to work in the gift wrap department. 

As a college student surrounded by the iconic Blue Bloxes. I wrapped all sorts of items from Vases to jewelry. I had to make the perfect white bow. I was fast and good. Lol

MY mom still has a few boxes that I kept in her house. 

When I worked there, I was dating my then boyfriend who would become my husband. 

I bought some key pieces for my future wedding! Lol. 

Two pairs of champagne flutes and two types of ice buckets in glass. 

Years later I quit to persue nursing and surgical technology degree, which was after I received my degree in Fashion Design from Los Angeles. 

This time I was very confused at where I was in my life and the detour working at Tiffany & Co. Was a nice break. 

So far the color on the wall is a reminder that I had fun working at the iconic Jeweler. Which had an amazing manager who treated her staff equally amazing. 

I Will never forget Tiffany & Co. Christmas party. The manager set the jewelry store as our dining area. Complete with beautiful chairs and elegantly designed table setting, quite reminiscent of the Tiffany&Co. Style. We were gifted crystal ornaments and had an amazing dinner waited by waiters and Christmas music playing in the background. 

There were two different staff members, the floor sales people and gift wrap department. The others were security and upper management. 

We loved the dinner and my days working at Tiffany & Co. Were memorable. 

I will post photos later. 

Until then I am enjoying my Summer Break and will continue to Blog more.

It helps me in a therapeutic way keeps me on track. 

Summer break to do listsĀ 

I’m tired. I have a list of home improvements to do this summer break. I am determined! 

Got one item halfway done. Painting the walls in my home. What a difference new coat of paint does for the home. It’s like a new home!

I really love @Target #target #DevineColor #devinpond the color pops and easy coverage. It’s primed and ready to use barely any fumes.

Cannot wait to paint more!

Happy Monday

Woke up groggy and tired. That’s what I get for a all nighter. I dislike those. I would rather get up EARLY at the crack of dawn and wakeup to the smell of fresh morning air!

But I sat and worked all night. Trying to figure out the next few days. 

Today I have a couple of things to do before I go on A short trip with my family. 

A well needed get away and chills in a familiar place. 

I want to be INSPIRED.

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